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You can sign up via our Trial page on our web console. The link can be found on Home page with the Get Started button.

Editing your route survey report in the Route Survey App is simple and intuitive, similar to using a word processing program like Microsoft Word. Here's how you can do it:

  1. Access the Report: Open the Route Survey App and go to the 'Reports' section to find your saved reports.
  2. Select the Report to Edit: Choose the report you want to edit. This will open the report, showing all the details you've previously added.
  3. Make Edits (Similar to Word Processing): When you're editing your report, it functions similarly to a word processing tool. You can click on any text or section to edit it, add or remove information, and format your text. This familiar interface makes it easy to make precise and detailed edits to your report.
  4. Save Changes: After editing, remember to save your changes. Look for a 'Save' or 'Update' button and click it to ensure all your edits are recorded.
  5. Export or Share: Once your report is updated, you can use the export or share feature to distribute the revised report to your team, clients, or keep it for your records.

If you need additional help or encounter any issues, our support team at is always available to assist you.

We recognize that each route survey has its own set of requirements and sometimes you might encounter unique obstructions that aren't listed in our app. Here's how you can proceed in such situations:

  1. Use the 'Custom Obstruction' Feature: For unique or unusual obstructions not covered in our standard list, please use the 'Custom Obstruction' option. This allows you to describe the obstruction in detail. Remember to include as much information as possible to accurately represent the situation.
  2. Send Us Your Feedback and Recommendations: We are always looking to enhance the capabilities of our app. If you have suggestions for new obstruction types or other improvements, please email us at Your insights and recommendations are invaluable for future updates and help us cater better to the diverse needs of our users.

We are committed to continuously improving the Route Survey App and appreciate your input in making it more efficient and user-friendly.

To edit a route after the fact, login to the web app through On the web app, you can see all previously ran routes. Click the button on the left hand side of the route you wish to edit, it will reveal more options, and there you will find the “Edit Survey” Button. Click “Edit Survey” After clicking “Edit Survey”, click “Gain edit access” and confirm. You will see an overview of your route appear, with instructions on different editing features provided in the editor on the right hand side of the overview.

Route Survey App uses a two platform approach to complete route surveys. First is our mobile app which is used to conduct the survey. The app records the route being driven. As the route is driven, Obstructions can be added such as Bridges, Overhead Clearances, and Powerlines. For each Obstruction, notes, images, and measurements can be added and saved to your route. Once the route is completed, the app uploads the data and it is now accessible on the web app.The second part of Route Survey app is the web app, accessible through On the web app, data collected during the survey can be reviewed, and edited. After confirming that all the data is correct, users can generate reports, make changes, and download the report as PDFs or KML files (google earth). If exported as a KML file, the route will be overlaid on Google Earth with each obstruction marked. Clicking on an Obstruction will open all the relevant information such as Images, measurements, and notes.

Route Survey App is designed to save your data as a route survey is being done. If you need to close the app, you can do so without pressing any buttons to save. When you reopen the app, you will see an ongoing route under “Recently Created Routes”. Tap that and it will open your route survey to continue and complete.
If you find yourself without internet or having trouble uploading the finished route, there is the Zip locally button above the Save button. Pressing this button will save the route data directly to your device. When you are able to connect to the internet again, contact our support staff and we will guide you on how to retrieve and upload the data onto the web app.
To upload external images to route survey app, use the web console To upload images to your report, click the button on the left-hand side of route you wish to upload images to. Once pressed, more buttons will appear including a Report Images button. Click Report Images. After clicking on Report Images, you will have 2 options. Photos Report Library, which is for images specific to only that single report. ie, drone images of a bridge, lidar imagery. General Photo Library, which is for images that will be used in multiple reports such as logos, disclaimers, and cover page images. Press Browser in the choosen library and you will be able to select and upload a desired image. To add those images to your report, go to your report editor. Select which section of the report you wish to add the images, and press the icon with two images. Once pressed, you will be able to select from both libraries, and add any image to your final report.